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[2018/09/18]   《taipei times》chailease launches app to allow paying in installments

chailease consumer finance co (仲信資融), the retail arm of chailease holding co (中租控股), yesterday launched an app that allows users to pay for products and services in installments.

“the app is not about third-party payments, but a creative financial innovation intended to facilitate transactions between local retailers and customers without the use of credit cards,” chailease holding chairman albert chen (陳鳳龍) told a news conference at the firm’s headquarters in taipei’s neihu district (內湖).

installments are the core business of chailease consumer finance, which targets the growing “swipe” generation, chen said.

the app would allow people to purchase products and services over the internet and pay for them in up to 24 monthly installments, chailease consumer vice president jerry chang (張銘聰) said.

the app mostly targets college students and housewives aged 20 to 40, with transactions ranging from nt$50,000 to nt$80,000, chang said, adding that dividing up the payments makes goods and services more accessible.