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  • transparency and disclosure

    after becoming listed on the taiwan stock exchange in 2011,the company participated in listed and over the counter company information disclosure evaluation. after three years of hard work, our ranking improved from a- to a . in the process, we realized complete compliance with basic laws and regulations and realized voluntary disclosure and information transparency. we will continue to take part in the taiwan stock exchange and the taipei exchange's corporate governance evaluation as we strive to establish a more effective corporate governance framework, underscore the rights of interested parties, and further enhance information disclosure and transparency.

  • ethical corporate management

    1.ethical corporate management best practice principles:precautionary measures based on good-faith policies have been established and employees all sign employee guaranty in which they agree to adhere to the discipline of the company. in 2014, the company also formulated its ethical corporate management best-practice procedure and code of conduct (the “procedures and code of conducts”), specifying all types of unethical conducts and reward and punishment system. the procedures and code of conducts also provides how the employees of the company are required to engage in business activities, and requires the designated unit in-charge to ensure the compliance and implementation of ethical corporate management.

    2.ethical conduct principles:the company has formulated ethical conduct principles to be followed by the employees when carrying out of their duties for the company. the ethical conduct principles clearly require the employees to prevent conflict of interest and achieve high ethical standards. when undergoing training, new employees attend classes on business ethics and corporate codes of conduct.

    3.fidelity guarantee insurance:the company purchases fidelity guarantee insurance against material loss due to breach of duties and unethical conducts by its employees, reducing company losses and safeguarding the rights of shareholders.

    4.regulation governing reporting of unethical conducts and code of conduct violations:individuals inside and outside the company can employ a variety of channels, including a company hotline, traditional mail, and emails, to report inappropriate conducts, fraudulent practices, illegal behaviors, and violations of the company's code of conduct.

  • risk management

    chailease has a division designated to oversee risk management. besides maintaining a sound risk management system, the risk management division is also tasked with drawing up risk management policies, managing financial assets, and ensuring that all businesses are effectively managing potential risks.

    areas of risk procedures for risk prevention managing division

    credit risk

    rigorous approval and workflow for credit review and approval.
    customer credit rating system and credit risk assessment model for predicting customer’s default risk.
    monitor asset quality with restricted information access for specified industries; flexibility in business strategy and credit policy adjustments.
    training and case studies for strengthening auditors in assessing risk.
    first tier of staff and auditors
    second tier of risk management divisions
    third tier of risk management committee

    market risk

    observe changes in market interest rate; undertake interest rate risk analysis; restructure assets and liabilities.
    restructure the long- and short-term loaning system; maintain an appropriate amount of funds for use; establish an emergency response system.

    legal risk

    uphold government regulations, and examine business expansions or regulations as appropriate; supervise and survey businesses’ compliance with the law. legal affairs

    operational risk

    require divisions to undergo regular self-inspections on control operations; self-monitor to lower the risk of job negligence. manage and control risk; delegate, review, and rotate tasks, along with internal auditing, as anti-corruption measures. every division

    environmental risk

    1.aspects of risk control: climate risk assessment and adaptation strategies; introduce green products and services.
    2.implement an environmental management system, including occupational health, environmental protection, emergency response, and more.
    corporate divisions
    administrative divisions
  • compliance

    the company has a compliance officer and a law consultant division has been charged with responsibilities related to compliance, including the establishment, implementation, management, and evaluation of a compliance system. this consists primarily of 1) establishing a clear and appropriate system from conveying regulations, consultation, coordination, and communication; 2) ensuring that all procedures and management regulations are updated in a timely manner, and that all operations activities are in compliance with regulations; 3) providing suitable training in laws and regulations to all employees; and 4) establishing concrete self-check regulation compliance procedures to be used by departments and offices and the supervision and guidance in their regular use. they are divided roughly into the following compliance categories: governance, finance, operations, information, and environment. they encompass chailease holding and its major subsidiaries in taiwan, chailease and fina include a total of 118 external and 402 internal regulations.