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executive management

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(1)executive chairman
fong-long chen
master of science, sloan school of management, mit, usa
accountable to the board of directors for all activities of the company. directs the company in establishing long-term plans, strategy and policy.

(2)chief risk officer
ron lee
bachelor of statistics, national cheng kung university
directs and controls the credit policy, responsible for minimizing company's risk exposure and ensuring quality of the loan portfolio.

(3)chief information officer
kuen-ming chen
bachelor of accountancy, national chung hsing university
optimizes the company's technology resources, recommends future technology direction and the it security management.

(4)chief human resource officer
jenny cheng
emba, national taiwan university
plans, controls and develops the hr function of the company, to ensure the development and implementation of appropriate human resources policies to attract, retain and develop staff to meet business plans/needs.

(5)chief strategy officer
ying-chih liao
ph. d. program, harvard university, usa
responsible for the overall development and supervision of company-wide strategic planning activities.  counsels top management on the strategic plan and other company issues.

(6)audit officer
charles yang
mba, kansas state university, usa
responsible for the management of the audit function of the company.

(7)finance accounting officer
wen-cheng chen
bachelor of economics, national chung hsing university
plans, directs and controls the whole company's overall financial plans and policies, accounting practices, and relationships with lending institutions, shareholders and the financial communities.