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to fight poverty and fulfill its responsibilities as a good corporate social citizen, chailease has established scholarships to help students in high schools and vocational schools in remote areas. the company supported 6 aboriginal vocational high school students, providing nt$15,000 in aid for each. in addition, chailease sponsored a series of diverse talent clubs in hopes of cultivating useful talent for the nation and encouraging students to develop their talents and expertise to develop their potential, in the aim of diversifying human resources in these areas. chailease provided a total of nt$100,000 in subsidies for the overseas chinese patriotic football team project.

chailease also provides project sponsorships for service clubs in colleges and universities, diversifying its approach to sponsorship of organizations for the public good and extending the spirit of service to meet needs in every corner of taiwan. a total of 21 such service clubs were sponsored with nt$515,000 in support. some 3,585 people were served.

in addition, with an eye to the mainland china area, chailease sponsored scholarships for outstanding poor students so that they could study without worry about money. this also serves as an investment in future corporate talent. in addition, looking to the asean region, chailease sponsored public welfare events held by local car dealers, forging a good image of the company as a charitable donor overseas. a total of nt$40 million in sponsorship was provided.