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beginning in 2015, chailease holdings has had a badminton team, and currently the team cooperates with university of taipei, bailing high school, datong high school and xihu middle school for training. it has signed 44 players, hoping that giving them comprehensive training and character education will assist in their formation to nurture talent for the nation. 24 were promoted to group a after training.

the chailease sunshine pavilion was built in 2018 as a base for training players. it includes a training room, room for players, professional courts and meeting rooms, with comprehensive facilities. it provides complete hardware equipment and training resources for chailease badminton team. another sports brand, mizuno, sponsors players on the team with badminton items, and sets up business partnerships with them assisting the team to focus on improving professional skills and moving to greater achievements. in addition, the hope is that holistic training and character education will help to cultivate talent for the national badminton scene.

world-wide competition, outstanding results

in addition to participating in the national high school athletic games, national junior school cup, national high school cup, and taipei education cup, asian university badminton championship. in 2019, members of the chailease badminton team also travelled overseas for competitions: the pembangunan jaya raya yonex sunrise, mongolia international series, yonex canada open badminton canada, u.s. open badminton championships, asia junior championships, yonex akita masters, u19 world junior championships, badminton asia u17 & u15 junior championships, scottish open, victor welsh international badminton championships, celcom axiata malaysia international challenge, aig fz forza irish open. in 2019, the chailease badminton team had participated 27 competitions, won 30 golden medals, 22 sliver medals and 24 bronze medals.

holistic career planning career series workshops

members of the chailease badminton team are between 15 and 20 years of age. they are in the midst of a time of self-identification and integration of roles, and chailease provides teachers and resources to help them with self-identity, peer relationships and future career choices. plans are provided for exploration and self-growth groups, including time management, career planning, team motivation, and gender education, to improve players' self-understanding and self-esteem, cultivate teamwork and tacit understanding and establish correct interpersonal and emotional relationships, while developing the ability to make career decisions. a total of 8 such courses were held in 2019, serving 225 people. average satisfaction ratings for these events reached 94.9.

giving back for the public good ─ badminton dreams summer camp

to enlarge the company's scope of service to society, for the past two years, the chailease foundation has held a "chailease badminton team dream summer camp". under the guidance of coaches and players of the chailease badminton team,43 students from mudan, shuangxi and fulong elementary schools in new taipei city and the taoyuan city qiao-ai elementary school participated in camp. they left with a greater appreciation for the power and beauty of badminton.

camp was held at the chailease sunshine gym where chailease badminton team members were responsible for hosting and leading the event. each athlete used their expertise and patience to work with the children one on one. by taking on a teaching role, team members could walk a mile in their own coaches’ shoes. after the camp’s two short days were over, many of the children had tears in their eyes, sad to leave their newfound friends. in their thank you card, the children wrote, “we will miss all of our coaches and hope they can come visit us again.” 2019 of grade is 94.9.