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since its formal founding at the end of 2015, the chailease business volunteer squad has been actively organizing and holding a variety of volunteer training classes, providing volunteer services, and arranging opportunities for colleagues to perform volunteer work all around taiwan. it has been doing this to meet the needs of organizations and to recruit individuals in business interested in performing volunteer work. as it provides services, the company is showing its concern for other human beings, while receiving praise from other service organizations. in 2019, we provided 583 individuals who performed 2,751.5 hours of volunteer work for an average total of 4.72 hours per person.

to help employees engaged in volunteerism better understand the relevance of what they are doing, chailease also proactively plans and holds various volunteer training courses. in 2019, the company held one 2-day volunteer training course covering topics such as service ethics and connotations, sharing of experiences in the volunteer field, and so on. the company also plans high-altitude activities to allow volunteers to challenge themselves and build team cohesiveness and cooperation. a total of 33 volunteers from north, central and south participated in the volunteer training courses.

to give company volunteers an improved read on the pulse of society and learn how to connect and integrate community resources, in 2019 chailease held social enterprise visits and volunteer training activities in northern, central, and southern taiwan. in addition to visiting a social enterprise to learn about a novel mode of assistance in today’s society, through hands-on experience, attendees could get a better understanding of the context and mission of public service. in 2019, three events were held with a total attendance of 73 people.