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chailease's mission is to "become a partner in success with our customers and a driver of economic development." the company has long supported and accompanied the growth of many smes, and since the establishment of the chailease foundation in september 2004, we have viewed "career-adapted development" as the main axis of service, while also striving to be "a good friend to accompany the career growth of children and young". we want to assist youth prior to their entry into the workplace, as is our corporate mission; in addition, the chailease foundation actively cares for disadvantaged rural residents and supports various social welfare institutions. the company hopes to bring together the strength of the enterprise and give back to society from its business gains. service areas include: career exploration, corporate volunteer promotions, sports talent training, and sponsorship of public welfare projects. to expand the benefits of service, chailease also partners with organizations, schools, private organizations and government entities to plan and run diverse activities. combined with input from its employees, this allows the company to take concrete actions to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. we also hope it will help bring different perspectives and experiences to our clients.

since the establishment of the chailease foundation, and with approval from the competent authorities, seven directors have been appointed, and ms. koo chou chi-hwa selected to chair the foundation by the board of directors and integrate the foundation's affairs. a meeting of all the directors is convened each year, together with two or more board meetings at which the annual budget of the foundation is reviewed, and overview exercised over the use of its funds. based on its annual budget, the foundation colleagues responsible for various projects plan and executive events, and do a satisfaction survey at the conclusion of each. they write a report on the results, and submit it to the board of directors at the end of the year to show the effectiveness of activities and funding. in addition, the annual activity budget, revenue and expenditure accounts and results, must all be based on the laws governing the organization, and reports are made to the youth development agency under the ministry of education and review performed by the competent authorities.

chailease refers to the london benchmark group's corporate community investment calculation framework to effectively quantify the benefits of investment in social participation. the company keeps statistics on public welfare expenditures, funding of public welfare activities, and use of funds, to evaluate the human, material and financial resources invested by chailease in social integration activities.