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in order to prevent workplace hazards as outlined in the occupational safety and health act, safeguard employee safety and health, and comply with the regulations governing occupational safety and health management, subsidiary chailease finance established the occupational safety and health management guidelines and occupational safety and health committee in 2015. these guidelines were revised in 2018 and the company also established a specialized division, the occupational safety and health department. committee membership is made up of at least one third of labor representatives, while company staff includes a full-time occupational safety manager and registered nurse.

the occupational safety and health department’s duties include formulating and promoting occupational safety and health management measures and assisting relevant departments in their implementation to reduce risks from environmental hazards, prevent workplace accidents, and continually improve workplace environment and safety. the department is also responsible for promoting safety education among labor safety staff, employees and contractors. these measures will help ensure the safety and health of our employees.

during a meeting in 2019, the occupational safety and health committee passed four major policies:
1) regulation compliance - implement government regulations to create a safe, harmonious workplace.
2) focus on hazard prevention - pursue zero accidents and provide a safe environment.
3) promote full participation - encourage employee participation to build a culture of safety.
4) implement continuous improvement - create a positive corporate image in the areas of safety and health.

in order to make the workplace safety and improve awareness of disaster prevention, disaster prevention drills (to operation of fire drills and boarding earthquake simulation vehicle) will performed regularly. in the future, we will continue to deepen disaster prevention, ambulance and epidemic prevention training, provide a healthier and safer workplace, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

besides, the knowledge and slogans of occupational safety and health are publicized and promoted at headquarter and branch offices to prevent occupational disasters in the workplace. the workplace monitoring detection is implemented regularly, including carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, lamp illumination and drinking water quality. the monitoring results are compliance with regulatory standards. the monitoring results and information of occupational safety and health (including government regulations, traffic safety publicity, disaster prevention publicity, etc.) will be published on the "ownership safety and health sharing in the internal website of chailease enterprise employees." the webpage is for my colleagues to browse freely.

in order to strengthen the labor health and safety of the contractors of chailease holdings, we require all contractors self-management and implement safety and health education and training. hazard notification and check personnel qualifications, equipment declaration and operation site control before high-risk operations. we work together to create a healthy and safe environment to reduce workplace hazards and risks. in 2019, a total of 135 safety and health education trainings and coaching sessions were conducted for chailease energy contractors. the total number of laborers for the contractors were 1,121.

in order to comply with occupational health and safety laws and regulations and to place greater importance on employees’ physical and mental health so that they may avoid fatigue and other problems, we have hired a full-time nurse and a doctor for consultation. in doing so, we hope to provide, in a more professional manner, a healthier workplace for the benefit of all employees. we provided employees with free regular health check reports that highlighted irregularities and included in-depth analyses of body weight, cardiovascular disease risk factors, and an abdominal ultrasound. this promoted overall health programs and assisted employees in improving health self-management.

employee assistance programs (eaps) are one aspect of employee benefits. they provide resources to enable employees to stay healthy mentally and physically, which helps them focus on their jobs and enhances productivity.

family care and work development are both important for employees. the company believes that the definition of a happy company is not limited to providing basic benefits. it also includes substantial ambition, sense of responsibility, and continued pursuit of excellence and sustainable development. a company should give employees opportunities to reach their full potential and grow with the company, while helping them strike a balance between work and home. in 2017, therefore, the company introduced flexible measures to help employees achieve these goals. in 2018, the company provides one day family travel and childbirth cash reward.

flexible work hours—employees can apply to arrive at or leave work early or late for personal reasons, such as taking classes or picking up and dropping children off at school. flexible paternal leave—paternal leave time has been extended to four weeks and can be taken starting before actual delivery. family care leave—the seven days for family care leave are not counted as part of personal leave. reduced work hour program—employees can reduce the amount of hours they work on a daily basis for needs related to family care issues like pregnancy, caring for children, caring for older family members. encourage getting off work on time—the company is promoting getting off work punctually a set number of days each month to encourage employees to enjoy their family lives or cultivate personal interests. we encourage them to work more efficiently as opposed to longer hours to get the same amount of work done.

our company attach importance to opinions of our employee. the employee satisfaction survey will be held at the end of every year, and it not only help us to know their satisfaction but also survey their suggestions.

we achieve above of 80% satisfaction for three years, and it increased 4% compare 2019 to 2018. we’re looking forward to aware of employee’s enthusiasm, royalty and promises with employee engagement survey, which will be a new project end of 2020. and then, we hope to motivate employees and enhance company’s performance.