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the total employee benefit expenses in 2019 is nt$ 442,724 thousands, accounting for 0.74% of the revenue, which is equivalent to the proportion in 2018. the full-time employee benefits maintained at the same level. benefits include economic, insurance, entertainment, facilities, training and development. moreover, an annual model employee award ceremony is held. employees who have demonstrated excellent performance receive public recognition and get to personally accept their awards from management. they are also given personal leave and a bonus. additionally, long-service gold medals are awarded every five years to thank senior staff for their long-term contributions. in 2019, the number of qualified people was about 402.

chailease immediately promoted employee stock ownership trust plan in 2012, after its ipo in the end of 2011.

  • it is the first employee stock ownership trust plan that the company set aside additional reward to purchase shares for the employees, enable employees to become shareholders of the company with zero extra cost, we wish the plan could effectively improve the retention of talents.
  • we set some scenarios for employees can reclaim their shares in the trust funds in advance, such as getting married, having children, buying house or encountering emergency events, we wish to become the fund of happiness for employees and their family.
  • the ultimate goal of this plan is to share the fruitful result of business with employees, meantime jointly reserve extra pension, and assist employees to prepare financial planning for retirement in advance.

to solicit the opinions of all employees, taiwanese subsidiaries hold labor-management meetings every three months as required by law. furthermore, we provide a variety of communication channels such as a staff discussion area on the company platform and senior executive forums where employees can discuss business operations, working conditions, and employee benefits. although the company’s employee welfare committee is not a labor union, the committee will not interfere with or violate employees’ mutually agreed upon freedom of association. the committee also oversees employee benefits and consists of all departments, which elect labor representatives to participate in regular meetings. the purpose of the meetings is to take the needs of all employees into consideration and promote harmonious labor relations.