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an environment and energy promotion committee was established, so that the introduction of environmental protection concepts into daily work routines can be planned and carried out systematically, to raise awareness of saving energy, to reduce carbon emissions, to continue promoting behavior that saves energy, and to formulate a plan to cut waste. (note: data on waste, wastewater, energy consumption and water management is based on the neihu headquarters in taiwan. branches and overseas subsidiaries are as per the actual situation of each)

in 2014, the iso 14001 environment management system was implemented in the headquarters building. in 2016, the iso: 50001 energy management system was implemented in the headquarters building. using average power use in 2015 as a benchmark and office personnel power consumption as the energy efficiency index, energy savings will improve 20% until 2020. by comprehensively updating lighting equipment, we reached our goal earlier than planned. therefore, we will continue to aim for an annual/per person energy savings of 1%. year after year these energy reduction efforts are showing concrete benefits. in 2020, iso 14064-1 greenhouse gases part 1 will implement in the headquarters building to actively control and reduce carbon emissions generated by enterprises.

environmental protection efforts

waste and wastewater

to reduce the volume of waste the taiwan headquarters has installed recycling collection areas on all floors, including collection of paper, plastic, aluminum and other metals. after simple sorting by employees, the building property management personnel undertake more specific sorting and handling, and finally a recycling company takes the items. a total of 66,804 kilograms of waste (29,185 kilograms of material was recycled and 37,619 kilograms of garbage, may to dec is the actual published value, the remaining months are estimated information) in taiwan headquarter of 2019. each subsidiary overseas has its waste similarly handled by a local property management company. beginning in 2014 the taiwan headquarters began recycling of leftover food from prepared meals. employees perform a simple sorting operation after which a livestock feeding company handles the remains. a cleanup company processes ordinary garbage through incineration.

the neihu headquarters water source is within the taipei waterworks. it does not have any groundwater or other source of water supply, and water at the building is only for employee use. the household wastewater thus produced is discharged into sanitary sewers. overseas, chailease subsidiaries discharge wastewater into underground wastewater conduits and thence into rivers and the ocean. there is no significant impact on water sources.

energy and water management

in 2019, across all operating locations, the company used a total of 132,026 m3 of water and 8,981,017 kwh of electricity over the year. company vehicles used a total of 1,913,852 liters of gasoline. per capita energy usage at our neihu, taiwan headquarters saw a year-on-year reduction of per employee 1%. overall, as the company grows and expands to new operating locations, although the total water and energy usage will increase, we will continue to implement energy-saving, carbon reduction measures and education to achieve per capita usage reductions and increase employee environmental awareness.

carbon emission

chailease holding has long conformed to government greenhouse gas reduction targets. by keeping an organization-wide ghg inventory, we can not only track our carbon emissions, but also formulate a ghg emissions reduction plan. in 2019, the scope 3, missions directly and indirectly resulting from employee business travel and upstream emissions.

to calculate carbon emission for taiwan employee business travel by air and high-speed rail, chailease referred to the icao website and the taiwan high speed rail website’s carbon footprint chart. future internal procedures for scope 3 inventories will follow those for scope 1, direct emissions, and scope 2, indirect emissions such as purchasing electricity. we will actively expand the scope of our inventory and the geographical areas to eventually include overseas operations.

in 2020, we are also preparing to commission a third-party auditor to help perform the iso 14064-1 ghg inventory(only neihu hq building) as a more comprehensive accounting of carbon emissions for every aspect of the business. this information will enable chailease to implement a ghg reduction plan and actively control and reduce our emissions to help slow down climate change.

the headquarters building has 219 fire extinguishers, all of which are 10p-abc dry powder extinguishers. there are no halon extinguishers with chlorides or bromides that might impact the ozone layer. each level of the headquarters building has 22 main air conditioning units, using r22 coolant. based on usage, these are being swapped out and replaced with advanced environmental friendly materials.

the headquarters building is equipped with 10 drinking water machines, which use r134a environmental friendly coolant. in 2019, there were no fills. filter cores are changed monthly, and change out of other filter elements is done based on manufacturer specifications to ensure water quality.