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climate change risks

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with the threat of global climate change, participants in the financial markets are increasingly demanding information on the impacts of global climate change. creditors and investors increasingly require consistent, comparable, reliable and complete risk information. chailease has therefore signed up to become a tcfd supporter and, based on the recommendations of the task force on climate-related financial disclosures framework, is identifying risks and opportunities that climate change may bring and making preliminary assessments of its potential financial effects and other impact. relevant assessment results are also reported to the board of directors to ensure that those responsible for governance have sufficient awareness of the impact of climate change to reduce risks and strengthen the company's governance in this area.

2019 climate change risk identification results

a total of eight significant potential climate change risks were identified this year. relevant content and management measures are as follow:

2019 climate change opportunity identification results

while undertaking climate change risk response, chailease also assesses the potential opportunities climate change may bring and brings them into its business development strategies. three significant potential climate change-related opportunities were identified in 2019. assessment results and discussion of these are as follow: