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in order to take a multi-faceted approach to customer service and to further improve service quality, in 2019, chailease's subsidiaries chailease finance co., ltd. and fina finance & trading co., ltd. continued conducting customer satisfaction surveys. questions about product and service needs were added in the hopes that the results would serve as the basis for improving service and service development. in this way, we can simultaneously know if our services meet customer needs.

in 2019 chailease holdings invited approximately 5,206 corporate customers to take the customer satisfaction survey, which asked questions regarding to service attitude, industry understanding, product descriptions, operational accuracy, service efficiency, after-sales service, overall performance, future interactions, and recommendations to others. then the customer satisfaction indicators would be converted into the score. average overall rates of satisfaction with chailease finance and fina finance reached to 93.4% respectively, which show that the clients are “satisfied” or higher with our overall service.

after the results were calculated, a qualitative approach was also used to gain more information about special cases. these results became an important topic in management committee meetings. it is hoped that by establishing multiple communication channels, we will be able to hear more customer voices, understand customers’ real needs, and propose the most appropriate improvement methods to achieve our goal of providing customers with the best possible service.

these topics entered into discussions among the operations and management committee. the hope is to strive to establish more and diversified channels of communication so that the company can better listen to the voices of many customers and understand their true needs. this is the way to find a pathway to improvement and gradually increase customer satisfaction with a goal of providing customers with truly excellent service.

chailease holdings places great emphasis on different perspectives. we collect customers’ opinions actively and take a very open-minded view of employee suggestions or any innovative thinking within the group. we set up an employee suggestion system and an incentive platform to get innovative suggestions, encouraging employees to bring forth new ideas. we hope the system will allow the thoughts from employees could be implemented, so that we can always know what the customer's need in advance.

before bringing out a new product or service, we would have internal assessment of the legality which ensures the product or service complying with laws. all promotional ads, public relations news or employment ads which are post in print, electronically or in sound form must go through the company's internal auditing and managing processes. the coherent units must review and approve its legality to ensure the rights of those getting information and to maintain the company's reputation and image. items officially online should be adjusted at all time based on customers’ opinions and the feedback of our employees, to meet our sole goal that design products which can meet our customers' needs.