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chailease is involved in corporate finance, investment business and retail banking, and has established a comprehensive monitoring mechanism for credit recipients, organized a risk management committee to formulate risk polices, and set up a review committee to do credit checks and verifications before lending. evaluation mechanisms have been enhanced, and credit quality control implemented. to fulfill corporate social responsibilities while considering the interests of customers and shareholders as well as financial sustainability, chailease added esg factors to its credit evaluation process requiring credit companies to assume responsibility for employees, society and the environment. they must also abide by corporate ethics, respect employee rights and care, and prioritize environmental protection. the company is committed to reducing esg risk to enhance the value of its long-term corporate investment/loans.

supervision mechanism

review process

products friendly to the corporate financial environment

green financing

chailease is committed to promoting energy-saving green energy products, and the green energy value chain, and is gradually expanding the development of related business while passing on green concepts. since 2010, the company has been promoting services and finance for energy conservation, and in 2011, it established a dedicated energy-saving financing unit. it has also developed green energy financing and energy management consulting services. in 2010, the company launched its "esco energy conservation service financing" providing a dedicated unit to strategically cooperate with the energy technology service industry (esco) to assist smes in energy conservation and carbon reduction projects. based on an energy conservation business owner or esco company's proposed conservation performance guarantee project plan, flexible leases or installment plans are drafted to satisfy the financial needs of various energy conservation projects. with installment leasing as the foundation, these projects combine green energy technology expertise such as energy conservation services or energy development to provide customers who have different types of energy-intensive venues in factories, offices, hospitals, department stores or schools with an energy conservation plan to help them join the ranks of green energy companies.

in 2019, chailease participated in more than one hundred financial leases and installment projects for energy-saving equipment financing projects (such as ldes, cloud-based energy-saving controllers, power savers, solar photovoltaic modules, optical energy-saving fluorescent lamps, inverters, and other equipment),with a total amount financed of over nt$380 million. in addition to contributing to environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and green energy products, this also brings long-term, stable performance and benefits to the company. in the future, we will continue to replicate taiwan's successful experience, and develop more overseas markets.

to promote energy services, the company holds occasional sme energy conservation forums aimed at discussion of finance issues for energy conservation efforts. the forums also share information on the current status of green industry, improving the environmental awareness of smes while saving energy and reducing carbon. at the same time, when handling credit business, the company also seeks to rationalize earnings and ensure the interests of shareholders, and seeks to cooperate with the government's environmental development strategy. in providing goods and services, chailease prudently incorporates environmental development strategies, while taking into account the interests of the company and of the broader society. during credit reviews for projects related to implementation or assistance of energy conservation, carbon reduction, renewable energy and other green energy industries, a positive assessment is given due to the better corporate qualities, and colleagues in the company are encouraged to promote such cases.

5 plus 2 industries

chailease has actively cooperated with the government's 5 plus 2 industry innovation plan to place specific emphasis on five emerging industries: the internet of things, biotech projects, green energy, new agriculture and the circular economy. chailease has provided financial leasing, installment payment, capital loan and other services to nearly 500 companies in these industries, and injected over nt$3.3 billion into the fund in 2019.the company looks forward to igniting a flame of innovation in partnership, and driving comprehensive innovation in industry. as the plan progresses and its effect becomes more widespread, the goal is to achieve overall economic growth, turning over taiwan's investment as a whole and the environment for her industrial development.

circular economy

from finance, the company moved into its 5871 used equipment website to provide a matching service for used equipment transactions. the idea is to allow equipment that was to be retired to be transferred and continue in operation. at present, a total of 426 suppliers and 1065 equipment types are on the system, and some 600 matchmaking transactions are concluded each year. this has been a great contribution toward the activation and sustainable operation of used equipment assets, and the 5871 used equipment website is currently the largest professional used equipment trading site in taiwan.

environmentally friendly products for retail banks

electric scooter installments impacting low-carbon cities

the development of sustainable finance is currently an increasingly important trend in chailease’s business, and in response to the trends for energy conservation and carbon reduction worldwide, the government of taiwan has also implemented low-carbon city and low-pollution policies. when chailease launched its motorcycle loan business, it vigorously promoted electric scooters as well. the company agrees that clean energy is more friendly for the environment, and installment payments can help more people be able to move toward electric scooters, as a means to work together to reduce air pollution. in 2019, gogoro sold more than 150,000 scooters, and 20,000 gogoro electric vehicles were financed in installments through chailease. this is 14%, or 1.4 out of every 10 gogoros. in addition, electric vehicles account for over 30% of chailease's motorcycle installment business. and this number is rising annually, showing that chailease is actively promoting clean energy as a contribution to the environment and a response to the low-carbon goal before private transport.

the trucker club return trip matchmaking. saving energy and reducing carbon

in addition to green financing, chailease has also put forward more solutions for energy conservation and carbon reduction. the company's "trucker club platform app" was launched in 2019, targeting the trucking industry and driver groups that have been underserved by the traditional financial industry. one of the most critical services is the "return trip matchmaking service". in the past, if a trucker had completed a long haul trip with freight, he would have to drive back to the starting point empty. the "trucker club platform app" provides a means for truck drivers and cargo owners to get together, allowing drivers who would otherwise roll empty to help cargo owners who need carriers.

since the launch of this app, an average of 300 successful matches have been made per month. this not only provides extra income for owners of large trucks, but also provides cheaper freight to shippers. and because the app allows effective use of vehicle resources, it also helps reduce carbon emissions. it is estimated that this will eliminate some 75,000 kilograms of carbon emissions in 2020. this is yet another chailease effort for sustainable development of the global environment.

invoice digitization paperless carbon reduction campaign

since the promotion of chailease's 0cardwhich is deeply loved by students and people just starting out in life, to encourage paperless payments, and save unnecessary wasted paper, members can make payments using the app. looking forward to 2020, the company is launching a mobile app to allow vehicle installment loan payment, with no need to waste paper printing out bills. it is anticipated that some 16,000-plus members will take advance of this service and based on an average of 55 installments per member, over 880,000 a4-sized sheets of paper can be saved (about 105.6 trees, or 4,928 kg of carbon emissions). reducing the cutting of trees further increases absorption of co2 as well.

liability insurance

chailease upholds corporate social responsibility. to avoid unpredictable accidental losses to enterprises, when setting up real estate collateral a customer has to insure against fire, water and earthquake risks. items mortgaged by the company must also be insured against fire to guarantee basic insurance protection; for high-risk industries, such as shipping, based on operational responsibility requirements, shipowner liability insurance and hull insurance are required. in 2019, there were approximately 27 marine insurance contracts, with 4.36 billion in mortgagee ship interest insurance (mii). hull insurance was about 7.78 billion, indemnifying against damage to the hull or harbor through collision, as well as against death or injury to crew members, wreckage removal and possible polluting oil spills. in addition to ensuring the sustainable operation of enterprises, this policy also contributes to the protection of the environment.

sustainable investment - solar green energy

solar green energy

chailease's core competitiveness is the basis for its product "innovation". at the same time, the company takes corporate social responsibility into account, opening up green markets and establishing the green competitiveness of the enterprise. in 2014, the company won a moea bureau of energy bid for solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, and planned to build a solar power plant and generate power for sale. in 2015, chailease energy development corporation was born. the company provides customers with energy-saving services and helps enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities in the areas of green energy and environmental protection. in 2016, chailease continued to build and acquire solar power plants, and by 2018, held 1000 such plants. this makes chailease the company in taiwan with the most solar power plants. additionally, in 2017 the company combined the sharing economy and financial technology in promoting its "national power plant-shared financial market platform", partnering with the general public to promote renewable energy and share in the benefits of power generation by allowing the public to participate in the popularization of renewable energy. by the end of 2019, a total of 11 cases had been launched to enthusiastic public response, with 100% of sales completed. these 11 cases are estimated as generating over 46,687,711 (degrees) of electricity in the next 20 years, while also fulfilling chailease's green energy corporate social responsibility.

renewable energy

chailease energy co., ltd., a subsidiary, leases and installs solar panels on the roofs of sme chicken coops and compositing sites. since 2015, the company built or acquired 1,714 solar plants. the power plants boasted a total installed capacity of 493.57 mw, about 48% more than that of 2019, and are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 327,257 t. annually. (note: taipei's daan forest park has an area of 25.8 hectares, with a hectare of forest absorbing 15 tons of carbon as per a calculation by council of agriculture)

besides, to response the green energy policies raised by the government, chailease holdings promoted its "finmart pv" plan internally in 2017 and externally in 2018. the public can directly participate in investing and building power plants by means of subscribing the solar panels. afterwards, based on the quantity of power generated and the selling price, investors will share the income. having citizens participate in investment in solar generation equipment not only provides a stable investment income for investors, but also can increase domestic power sources. we expected the finmart plan will make solar generation more common in taiwan and resolve the shortfall in electric power on the island. the plan can benefit everyone. chailease holdings works with people to implement the government's policy of "supporting green energy industry and developing green financing" and supports the development of the green energy industry with action.

energy storage

at the same time, in response to changing trends of future energy use, chailease energy development corporation, a subsidiary, also assists customers by promoting new energy creation, energy transfer, and energy storage technologies. the skilled application of energy planning includes smart power grids, electric vehicles, charging stations, and the application of energy monitoring and management systems. in addition to continuing to promote energy efficiency and carbon reduction, the company is further committed to helping enterprises establish comprehensive and innovative energy management strategies in order to integrate them with future industry trends.

in the future, chailease holding will continue to gradually expand related business development through its energy-efficient and green-energy value chain. by replicating taiwan’s energy-efficient model, we will develop other overseas markets in order to make a contribution to protecting earth's resources.

public initiatives

solar power public policy initiatives

chailease is developing both solar green energy generation and storage capabilities, opening up a road to sustainability and joining the semiconductor industry association semi's "pv public advocacy committee". as deputy chair, the hope is to build consensus within industry and periodically interact with relevant government officials. the "solar optics public policy statement" was first published in 2019, actively representing taiwan's photovoltaic industry. (reference website: solar optoelectronics public policy initiative committee http://www1.semi.org/zh/node/78141)

additionally, chailease also joined the "solar power generation system commercial industry association", more actively connecting industry, government and think tanks while using multiple resources to actively forward knowledge on green energy and raising recognition and investment in the area, so as to spur taiwan's achievement of energy diversification and independent supply goals.

green earth initiative

in 2020, the company invited employees to take part in “earth hour”, an activity in which lights were turned off around the world for one hour starting at 20:30 on march 28 to save our planet. the activity is aimed at co2 emissions, which are triggering global warming and climate change. the wwf (world wide fund for nature) launched earth hour in 2007, calling on each person to shut off lights to reduce carbon to show their love for the planet.

in excess of one billion people in over 8000 cities in more than 188 countries around the globe took a small step that day by shutting off unneeded lights to take us a giant leap closer to a green planet. individuals worked together, so that they could bring about a healthier living environment.