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small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) are the cornerstone of economic development. chailease holdings acts as a partner for our customers' success, a driving force for economic development, and has always cultivated our sme customers. in addition to assisting smes to obtain the licenses they need for operations through leasing, and alleviating the burden of using their own capital to purchase equipment, we also provide smes solutions for working capital requirements, providing more convenient, more rapid and higher-quality financial services to meet operational growth needs and improve financial structure.

over the years, chailease holdings has served an ever-increasing number of clients, and the number of our customers increased for 7% in 2019 when comparing to it was in 2018, which highlights the emphasis and support our company gives to smes. chailease also attempts to meet the needs of its sme customers with a variety of products, thereby assisting them in their development. furthermore, in coordination with government policies, we provide financial assistance to micro-enterprises which may find it difficult to obtain funds through the banking system. through a simplified credit review process and by setting up a risk model, we have improved the efficiency of credit reviews and lending, to meet needs for venture or operating working capital. the "microenterprise financing risk assessment method" has been refined as our credit database expands and the risk assessment model develops steadily. the model has been granted an invention patent.

from sme financing and micro-enterprises, the series expands to the financing of construction equipment and vehicles, and regular seminars for smes to share successful business strategies and tips through lectures, enhancing the corporate governance mechanisms of these smes and supporting them to grow stronger. at the same time, installment purchase business was expanded to students, young consumers and others who might find it difficult to provide proof of financial resources, so that by providing the 0card electronic payment model issues faced by young people with limited funds and no credit card in obtaining installment contracts could be lessened. while launching these varied financial products, the company looked forward to becoming a key enabler for industrial success and also making finance inclusive, continuing to provide useful, affordable financial products and services for both businesses and individuals. additionally, chailease also actively promotes financial commodity digitization, and uses a cloud platform to bring the power of the internet to bear on expanding the hit rate for various financial products. this expands and deepens the penetration rate for digital financial services.

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friendly environment for physical and mental disabilities

having an environment friendly to those with physical or mental disabilities is an important item on chailease's office assessment checklists. taking the neihu headquarters as an example, the entrance to the main building features a barrier-free ramp for people with disabilities, and guard booths are available to help those who might need assistance. to balance hardware and software, all are capable of assisting the physically or mentally disabled. in addition to accessible ramps and helpful guards in the headquarters building, there are also 11 accessible bathrooms, evenly distributed on each level of the building. the hope is that any colleagues who are in need will be able to access them conveniently and quickly, so that accessibility will truly be universal. chailease has branches in many places, and when selecting office buildings around the world, a primary selection criterion is an environment that is friendly to those with physical or mental challenges. the purpose is to allow all workers, whether at headquarters or in other branches, to work in a space that is barrier-free and friendly. this goal is constantly on the table at chailease.

strengthen leasing / financing services in underdeveloped countries

in order to become an "excellent financial company in the asia-pacific region", chailease knows that financing in developing countries is no easy task. to be able to better serve smes, microenterprises and individuals in the asia-pacific region, since 1989 chailease has opened branches and provided office services throughout the asean region. at present, our offices cover thailand, vietnam, malaysia, cambodia, philippines and indonesia. this begins from equipment leasing and installment payment services, and as economic development dictates, expands to include installment loans for vehicles and motorcycles, insurance agencies, and so on, to meet local needs.

since its establishment, chailease has served over 100,000 smes, microenterprises and local manufacturers at all points in the supply chain. by the end of 2019, our principal balance reached usd 2 billion; additionally, some branches overseas have also put money into supporting vulnerable groups or charities, such as the malaysian branch that donated to support children in a shelter as a way to continue to care for those in need at the local level. in vietnam, one branch cooperates with the local hospital, holding a "pass love on" event to provide the hospital with financial assistance while also providing gifts and condolences to children with cancer and to pregnant women.