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chailease holding applies the concept of service with passion to continue cultivating the taiwan market, in addition to actively expanding overseas markets. with enthusiasm as our foundation, we hope to improve service quality continuously and efficiency to make our services more aligned to customer needs. chailease holding is a better company because of our customers. in the future, we will promote “a supporting partner of our customers, a driving force of economic success” business philosophy, as we work toward the goal of becoming the best financial services company in the asia pacific area. we hope to be a positive and uplifting force in the financial leasing industry, protecting customers, society, and shareholders, while simultaneously creating sustainable value for all.

we provide leasing, installment sales, direct financing, factoring, and other services for our products, while equipment leasing and installment plans comprise our core business. we continue to develop new products, including green energy services, inventory financing, and insurance brokerage services.

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chailease holdings has always designed products and services that conform to customer needs. following the principle of flexible designing, chailease holdings customized various financial and leasing products and services based on the needs of different customers. by executing business professionally and managing risk rigorously, we assist our customers with ground-planned leasing products and capital use.

to provide the best service to customers, every subsidiaries of chailease holdings shall promote its business with clear explanation of product or service. moreover, every subsidiaries should consider each customer's basic information, financial status, capital, equipment needs, the attribute of capital needs, acceptable risk and industrial background, along with internal and external environmental factors, to propose the most-fitted solution to the customer. moreover, through internal supervision mechanisms, various levels of internal reviews are performed on each transaction based on project characteristics so that we can ensure the legitimacy of it. after both parties confirmed the wellness to move forward, a written contract will be signed to regulate clearly the responsibilities and duties of both parties.