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chailease will continue its operation strategies, focusing on various niche markets, creating high value out of differentiation, and continuing to develop internationally. it will utilize this framework to realize digitization and use a combination of brick-and-mortar and virtual services as it upgrades its alternative credit check and develops the promising consumer market. chailease will develop in the future using a three-pronged approach, concurrently taking into consideration of quantity, profits, and quality

quantity—plans for expansion

chailease will continue to expand, offering services in more locations in mainland china, southeast asia, and the united states, where in addition to setting up specialized business units, it also plans to add branches to form a service network consisting of more than 110 offices both at home and abroad.

as chailease continues to expand its footprint overseas, it will work with strategic partners to set up a leasing company as a joint venture in jakarta, indonesia, bringing the total of company subsidiaries to six in asean countries.

as the demand to hire new talent continues to increase to meet the needs stemming from the company’s rapid growth, chailease will continue to seek new recruits, selecting talent that meets its needs. chailease will also replicate its asian pacific management associate (ma) program, an industry first, and apply it to its company in thailand to train talent in asean.

profits—continued profit growth

chailease will continue to develop new products, enhancing operational performance and profit performance as it pursues double digits growth annually. it will leverage digital transformation to develop diversified niche products and use a consumer platform to provide customers more convenient services and options.

in response to its increasing assets and rapid development in various regions, in addition to optimizing capital structure, the company will continue to develop diversified funding channels and enhance liquidity management to ensure the availability of the funds needed for business growth.

quality—strengthening business foundation

the company has won recognition over the years for its outstanding performance, expert management, passing down of its corporate culture and experience, and a corporate dna that focuses on value creation. these have served to enhance the company’s overall stability and health and driven the company to grow by leaps and bounds.