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since 2011 when the chailease holding was publicly listed on the taiwan stock exchange, it has participated in company information disclosure evaluation. after three years of continuous efforts, the rank of the company has improved to the best a rating. in the process, the company implemented relevant laws and regulations, improved the establishment of policies and guidelines, and voluntarily disclosed information in order to enhance the transparency of information. the company also participated in the corporate governance evaluation, which was conducted by the taiwan stock exchange and the taipei exchange. of the 1,600 listed companies that participated, chailease holding ranked in the top 5% in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

in addition to publicly disclosing revenue on a monthly basis as stipulated by law, before the 25th day of every month, chailease holding voluntarily announces its profit situation in order to give the investing public a more immediate grasp of its revenue and profits. the company website completely discloses all significant information, including complete financial operations, important resolutions from the board of directors and important regulations, all of which provides complete information disclosure services. to ensure a complete public disclosure mechanism, a clear internal implementation process has been established and responsibility has been divided up. the information is classified according to type and attribute and the relevant business units are responsible for it. an internal division of labor, reviews, and a confirmation mechanism all ensure the accuracy of the information. in 2018, the company also amended the chailease holdings information announcement and application procedures. the regulatory compliance unit also publicly provides information relevant to external laws and regulations and accordingly modifies the information for the other business units’ reference.