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identifying major issues

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the company maintains a strong relationship with interested parties by engaging them through various channels of communications. this not only contributes to overcoming corporate issues but also brings the company closer to achieving its goals. such engagement can also serve as the foundation for developing an approach to corporate social responsibility and improving company performance across a range of areas.


the company also organized forums to which it invited specialists from industry, the government, and academia to speak on a wide variety of topics to facilitate us in the collection of information on corporate social responsibility, primarily on topics stressing environmental protection issues, specifically the development of green products and services, and held chailease sme energy-saving forums.


information on issues that stakeholders were concerned about and the degree to which they were concerned were gathered using questionnaires in the form of hardcopies, emails, and on the company’s official website. questionnaires were sent out with investor briefings and year-end customer satisfaction survey information. offices within the company sent out questionnaires to stakeholders as well as to employees. a total of 1,293 questionnaires were filled out and returned. questionnaire findings focused primarily on economic issues, such as corporate governance and operating performance and social issues, including compensation and benefits.

c.report analysis:

the company analyzed media reports about issues related to chailease holding over the course of the entire year to stay abreast of information related to these issues and to determine how the public felt about the issues to facilitate comprehensive collection of the direction of key issues. reports tended to focus on the company’s outlook and layout.

d.team suggestions:

in addition to leveraging the channels mentioned above, the committee teams gave back to society and carried out exchanges on issues that key stakeholders found important to obtaining consensus. they went through relevant information and issues and took into consideration the company’s development strategies and key directions.

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